Where Do You Purchase, Replace or Repair Your Appliances?

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Where Do You Purchase, Replace or Repair Your Appliances?

Whether you're a homeowner or business, your appliances can break down at any time. Finding a place to purchase, replace or repair your broken appliances is critical, especially if you need to do so immediately. I faced a huge problem during the holidays last year when my oven quit. I expected tons of family and friends that year and needed to cook a large amount of food to feed them. After trying to fix the oven myself, I finally called an appliance repair technician. Not only did the technician fix my oven, they improved it. If your appliances stop working, read my blog. I help you find appliance repair shops, retailers, and even new information on the latest products and services available today. Good luck with your appliance services and thanks for reading.


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Help Your Clothes Dryer Last By Avoiding These Three Things

You might not think about your clothes dryer until you have wet clothing in your hands, but in order to make sure that your dryer continues to function well, you need to avoid problem-causing behaviors. Help this appliance last by making sure you avoid the following things.

Not Cleaning the Lint Filter

When you move clothing from the washer to the dryer, you may do so without thinking once about the lint filter. However, cleaning the lint filter is a simple way to make sure that your dryer keeps working. When you don't clean the lint filter, air cannot circulate properly and your clothing will take longer to dry. That means that the motor has to work harder, and that can lead to premature failure of the dryer. Not only that, but lint is a flammable substance. It is important to clean the lint filter to avoid a fire.

To avoid these problems, simply remove lint from the filter before or after each dryer cycle.

Using Dryer Sheets Often

Dryer sheets can give your clothing a wonderful scent, but they can also mean trouble for your dryer. That's because many dryer sheets have a thin wax layer that melts when the dryer heats them. The wax may end up on your clothes, or more importantly, on the mesh that covers the lint filter. If too much residue builds up, your dryer may overheat and fail.

Leaving Things in Clothing Pockets

You may forget to check your pockets before throwing them into the clothing hamper, but doing so can harm your dryer. Not only can paper and other debris in your pockets make a mess, but small paper bits might slip into the holes of the drum, which may create a fire hazard.

Therefore, it's important to take special care to check your pockets before you put them in the washing machine and dryer. You can also vacuum the dryer with a handheld attachment after any drying cycle to ensure that there is no debris left after the clothes are taken out.

If you have kids that leave gum, crayons and other things in their pockets before they're washed, watch for signs that they've been left behind in the dryer. If you see pieces of gum or melted wax on the sides of the drum, spray vinegar on them when the dryer is cool and then pry the substance off with a putty knife or butter knife.

Use the tips above to help you keep your dryer in good shape. If you think there is a problem, contact a local appliance repair contractor like Langley dryer repair who can assess the condition of your dryer and fix any problems.